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Everything to know about health insurance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Both our clients and team are incredibly important to us. Without them, Polynguyen wouldn’t be thriving as much as it does now. The insurance quotes we provide for you are completely accurate and easy to utilize.

We’re an independent insurance broker, so we get paid a commission by insurance companies…” can be changed to “None at all! All of our insurance quotes are free and do not require anything.

Insurance rates are regulated by law, which
means that no company, broker, or agent…” can
be changed to “Unfortunately, Polynguyen does
not make their insurance more affordable and
cheaper due to law. We do, however, assist you
with whatever insurance quote you want to get to
make things easier and less complicated

No. We’re an independent insurance broker, which means that we’re not owned by an insurance company, nor do we own one. Instead, we sell insurance policies from multiple insurers without bias or favor toward any of them. It’s important to us that we help you find the right insurance policy for your needs — not which company you buy it from.

Insurance rates are regulated by law, which means that no company, broker, or agent can offer you a discount on a policy. That doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to save money, though! Each insurer calculates risk differently, and they all strive to offer policies at competitive prices. That’s why Policygenius helps you compare quotes from multiple companies in one place: to make it easy to spot potential savings.

The 4 steps to get the life insurance you need

Before you start the process, take some time to review your financial needs and your health history. This will help speed up the process of getting a quote and applying for coverage.

  • Apply online: In order for you to begin the application, you must complete the following health survey required in the website.

  • Talk to an agent: You must speak with an agent so that he/she can help with filling out all of your information that is needed so that you can get the best coverage.

  • Take a medical exam (or don’t): A medical questionnaire is taken in order to observe more information about the clients’ health and it’ll also help to find the best coverage for them. This one’s an optional step since insurers might just use your past medical records.

  • Sign your policy and pay your first premium: Get your policy confirmed and once this last part is done, you should be completed for now. Congratulations!


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